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AVD and Azure Active Directory Domain Join public preview

On Wednesday July the 14th 2021 we announced the public preview of Azure Active Directory domain join for Azure Virtual Desktop. This post discusses how to set this up and troubleshooting tips. Let's, just start with some background.  Azure Active Directory Join for the Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts has been the number one feature request from customers from day one of Windows Virtual Desktop as it was known at launch, followed very closely by Microsoft Endpoint Manager - specifically Intune managing those session host Virtual machines. This public preview brings both of those capabilities. Why are we doing this? Currently AVD requires both Azure Active Directory (AAD) as well as traditional Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). AD DS can come in one of two formats: Traditional AD DS from Windows server. The AD DS domain controllers can either be located on-prem and accessed over a site-to-site VPN or ExpressRoute. Or they can be virtual machines located within Azu

Reassign a WVD Personal Session Host

 I get asked all the time "how do I re-assign a personal session host in WVD"? The official answer is you don't. However, this can be easily achieved. The steps below are currently: the quickest way to achieve this. configured all in one place via the Azure portal, using a little used feature. does not require a reboot. These simple steps will get the registration token, remove the session host from the host pool, then update the registry with the required settings and force the re-registration of the session host with the WVD control plane, by restarting the specific responsible service. If you have done anything with WVD to this point, you will be aware there are two types of host pools: Pooled - designed for a multi-session OS and any user can login to any VM in the pool. Personal - designed for a single session OS and the Session hosts are assigned, either automatically as a user connects or they can be directly assigned ahead of time. Once assigned that VM is dedicat

Windows Virtual Desktop - Stop VM on Command

We have recently announced the preview of a new feature in Windows Virtual Desktop allowing users to start their deallocated personal VM, more info is available in this blog post , and the announcment is here This allows users to power on the VM at just the time they need it. It also enables IT to reduce costs as much as possible as it is only powered on at the time the end user needs it. But how do you get the VM into a deallocated state in like manner, i.e. how can a user power off their VM? We do have an existing autoscaling tool, but that only supports pooled host pools today. We do have an "autoscaling service" under development which will bring support for personal host pools. There are other options available in Azure, such as each VM's Auto-Shutdown feature in VM section of the portal: However, this is set per VM, it also will just shut down the VM at the set time regardless of whether a user is still using this VM, or if they logged of at 6 PM meaning a waster ho