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MSIX App Attach - the future of application delivery, a sneak peek of the upcoming Azure portal integration

At the time of writing this, the ability to manage MSIX App Attach inside the Azure portal is in internal testing, what we refer to as dogfooding. This is a sneak peek at this new capability. The public preview will be starting shortly, look out for further announcements on this, the screen shots below, are not yet available in the Azure portal, but show you the user experience you will have when the preview commences. The underlying capability of MSIX App Attach itself has been in preview for some time but it required using only PowerShell scripts to achieve the management, and many customers were explaining that this was a little cumbersome and problematic. What we will be announcing shortly is the public preview of the consolidation of the management natively inside the Windows Virtual Desktop hub in the Azure portal. This brings the App Attach capability to the same place where you already manage the Windows Virtual Desktop objects. "MSIX App Attach - the future of dynamic  ap