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The WVD Log in process and Active Directory topologies explained

Working at Microsoft as a Windows Virtual Desktop Global Black Belt, a couple of question that I often get asked is "what Active Directory topologies does Windows Virtual Desktop support?", and "how does the user login process work"? This article should hopefully answer both for you. The TL DR answer is that WVD does not impose any specific Active Directory topology requirements of its own, and will work in any supported topology that you have deployed.  However, there are some things that you need to consider when designing a WVD deployment. As it stands today, access into the Windows Virtual Desktop service and onto the WVD session host, requires authenticating firstly against Azure Active Directory (AAD) and secondly against either Active Directory (AD DS) or Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AAD DS). In addition, there is a service called the "Identity Matching" service that ensures that the actual user is the same person logging in at both p

Visually presenting Windows Virtual Desktop monitoring information in Power BI

The question I get asked frequently is "how do I visualise Windows Virtual Desktop logging and monitoring information"? So a new PaaS role of Windows Virtual Desktop has been the new Diagnostics service, from which you can get a whole host of - well, diagnostics. As part of the Spring Release of Windows Virtual Desktop we have now made it easier to connect every Windows Virtual Desktop ARM object to three services for the storage of those diagnostics - more on that later. One of those three services: Log Analytics can be easily integrated with another service called Power BI for the visualisation of a whole host of data sources. The official Windows Virtual Desktop documentation on this is here . This article is broken down to three sections. Section 1 - how to create a Log Analytics Workspace. Section 2 - how to connect the Windows Virtual Desktop ARM objects to Log Analytics. This also has a                       growing collection of Kusto sample queries to help you o