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Windows Virtual Desktop Spring Update enters Public Preview

On the 30th of April the Spring Update of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) entered Public Preview. This means anyone can go to the Azure Portal and deploy a WVD Workspace and test the new capability. This article discusses the new updates and capabilities in this new update, as well as changes and other items you need to consider when deploying Spring Update WVD deployments. "Spring Update" First thing - the name, "Spring Update". WVD is now a first class Azure service (more on that below). Azure does not have versions. It is a platform that gets constant updates continually dropped in. This is the same with WVD. As such this is the set of updates being applied in the Spring. WVD receives many continuous updates, however major changes such as this shift to ARM are bundled into a larger periodical update. Expect future continuous updates to be dropped into platform in the future in a similar manner, with some larger updates getting some kind of seasonal naming.