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How to deploy Linux in WVD when you can't deploy Linux in WVD

In my role as a Windows Virtual Desktop Global Black Belt at Microsoft working with customers deploying WVD, I often get asked can we deploy Linux in WVD? The answer is no, but yes. The official answer is we don't support Linux. In fact, this is the official list of operating systems that we support: So how can you run Linux in WVD? Well this is a feature of Azure and Windows 10, not specifically WVD.

What are the top methods to deploy, expand or update a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing a significant increase in working from home, as well as massive demand for new Windows Virtual Desktop host pools where organisations are increasing the infrastructure footprint in order to support these additional users. You may well be being asked to either deploy new WVD Host pools or more likely expand host pools you already have with new Session Host VM's. You will also likely be considering, how do I update the Session host VM's in my host pool with new VM's after I update my image? We have a number of ways to deploy, expand and update WVD host pool, and this post simply brings those together into one place, to make it easy for you to make a choice of which one works best for you. This guide is split into three sections: Section 1 - Deploying a new host pool Section 2 - Expanding (scaling out) an existing host pool. Section 3 - Updating or replacing session hosts in an existing host pool. This lists t

How to deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop host pool using Infrastructure as code from Azure DevOps

If like me you have come from an infrastructure background and always built servers, virtual machines etc. manually, then the thought of doing all that hard work via code does not always come naturally. Building out a gold image was a time intensive process with lots of manual steps plus deploying that at scale needed tools like Citrix MCS, or tools within the Hypervisor or others. But if you have done anything in the public cloud you will have heard of “Infrastructure as Code! and if you have done anything in Azure then you will likely have heard of Azure DevOps, which provides people to have continuous integration, testing and delivery, the ability to deploy code, or whole applications with the press of a button. But how can this apply to a Virtual Desktop capability when you are deploying hundreds or thousands of Azure IaaS VM's as part of a Windows Virtual Desktop deployment? Well not coming from a development background, but working at Microsoft as a Windows Vir

Create a corporate URL for the Windows Virtual Desktop Website, Part 2 Azure Front Door

In Part one of this topic I showed how you could redirect a corporate URL to the WVD URL, so that your users would only need to remeber or bookmark a familar URL. That was using a few lines of code and an Azure Function app: This post shows how to acheive the same thing but using  Azure Front Door  to do so. To set this up in Azure Front Door then follow these steps. The first requirement is to have a Web App. If your just starting follow this simple guide and create yourself a free F1 App Service Plan. Once that is created copy the URL for your web and then you can now create your Azure Front Door and URL Redirect Rule. In Add a Resource in the Azure portal search for Front Door Click on Create, choose or create a Resource Group