How to configure REAL Windows 7 themes in XenApp 6.5

We have seen many tweets on articles such as on how to configure Windows 7 themes in a shared hosted desktop scenario such as XenApp 6.5

However the issue with this article is it doesn't configure real "Windows 7" Windows 7 Themes. What this article describes is how to enable some Windows 7 like themes. This difference can be illustrated in the following two pictures taken from the Personalize applet from firstly a Windows 7 Machine and secondly a Windows 2008 XenApp 6.5 published desktop after completing the steps in the above Citrix Article.

This is great, no compliants, however the second picture shows the choice of a Windows 7 theme with the standard grey Windows 2008 Server background and the Citrix Enhanced Desktop background. Neither of these look like the standard Windows 7 themes found on a standard Windows 7 machines. So the issue is how do I configure the same themes from Windows 7 machines into a XenApp environment. There maybe scenarios where you want to create a seamless experience across all machines, be they Windows 7 physical, VDI or XenApp?

Well as per the Citrix article you still need to enable the Desktop Expereince feature and ensure the themes service is set to automatic.
But to get the Windows 7 themes download the file from these guys, donating if you feel like it:
*Update that site above seems to have removed the zip file, so you can grab it here.

Now you can include that in your XenApp build or use an AppSense Environment Manager computer Start-up action to execute the install.cmd file.

Then use either an AD Group Policy or an AppSense EM user login action to apply the "Load a specific theme" group Policy Setting
I am choosing to apply this via AppSense EM:

This configures the standard Windows 7 theme with the blue background to launch the first time the user logs in. Likewise they now have the option to choose the other standard Windows 7 themes as seen in the first picture above.

So nothing particulay difficult here but this gets the real Windows 7 Windows 7 themes into your XenApp enviornment not just the Windows 2008 Windows 7 theme!
Your users shouldn't be unable to tell the differnece whether they are connecting to XenApp or XenDesktop.


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