Thursday, 13 February 2020

Create a corporate URL for the Windows Virtual Desktop Website, Part 1 Azure Function App

The current Windows Virtual Desktop HTML5 client is currently accessed using a Microsoft URL which is reasonably long and also is the exact same for every customer:

This isn't ideal if you work for an enterprise and want your users to be using a corporate URL in order to access what are corporate applications and data from the Windows Virtual Desktop service.

What would be better is to use a URL that looks something like

There are two very simple methods to achieve this, the first is using an Azure Function App, the second is to use Azure Front Door - more details on AFD are at the end of this article.

An Azure Function App will require a tiny bit of code but can be free to use, whilst Azure Front door does not require any coding at all for this capability, but will always have a cost.

This article describes how to do this using a Function App, and will guide you through how to set this up. One of the great things about Function Apps is that the first 1,000,000 executions are free which is very handy.

First thing you will need is an Azure Subscription and have access to your corporate DNS in order to create a CNAME record.

A Function App is a serverless application that allows you to run small pieces of code without the need for any infrastructure.